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CS-BC1C 4MP Ezviz Battery Powered WiFi Camera Full Colour

CS-BC1C 4MP Ezviz Battery Powered WiFi Camera Full Colour

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The CS-BC1C is a 100% wire-free rechargeable camera that delivers clear 2K 4MP HD video protection for up to 210 days on one single charge. It can be simply installed anywhere for enhanced security, inheriting EZVIZ's core technologies of colour night vision, two-way talk, active defence and more.  The camera supports smart human motion detection to reduce false alarm notifications and optional solar charger (sold separately) for hassle free recharging.  Built-in 32GB eMMC memory avoids the requirement to take out expensive cloud storage contracts often used by other Wireless camera products.


Equipped with a 10400 mAh rechargeable battery, the camera can last for up to 270 days on one full battery charge, ensuring stable performance all day and night. It can also be connected to EZVIZ Solar Panel (optional) to get powered directly.



The EZVIZ eLife 2K+ is embedded with 32 GB eMMC storage capacity, which means you no longer need to go through any hassle or spend extra money on expensive storage cards. You can also choose to save your data onto the EZVIZ CloudPlay upon service subscriptions, for additional protection in case of device damage or loss.


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